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HEDON TOWN COUNCIL has received an update on the three main local plans to develop land in proximity to Hedon.

Cllr John Dennis small
Cllr John Dennis

Councillor John Dennis presented the report to the Town Council on (Thursday 10th October 2013) based on his and the other two Ward Councillors (Mike Bryan and Ann Suggit) meeting with planning officers the day before.

“HAV1” is the Paull Enterprise Zone land between the Hedon Haven and Paull village. If the deal with Siemens goes ahead, then this site will be developed with industry related to and supplying the new renewables sector. Councillor Dennis gave the information that only about 25% of the 80ha site (200 acres) will be populated with actual buildings, the rest being internal roads, loading and parking areas. A steel foundry had been proposed for the site but that now looks unlikely to be going ahead.

The Ward Councillors have restated their position that the interests and concerns of the residents of Paull should be a prime factor taken into consideration by planners when developing this land.  The plan prepared by Paull Parish Council relating to landscaping, flood alleviation and amenity provision on the site, should be taken seriously when detailed plans are considered.

Local Plan diagram“HAV2” is the massive 160ha site (395 acres) between Paull Road and the Kingstown and Saltend Roundabouts on Hedon Road and includes parts of the old Hedon Haven. Councillor Dennis says that Government directives have stipulated that HAV2 needs to be put forward for inclusion into the local planning considerations, however “reassuring noises” indicate that only a quarter of the land would be built on and a robust flood-water scheme would be part of any development of the site.

Part of the land within HAV2 needs to be retained for ‘ecological purposes’, and according to the report from Councillor Dennis, another proposal may be for a Park & Ride facility (as originally proposed for the Hedon Aerodrome site) near to the Saltend roundabout at the north-west of the site.

The AERODROME field to the north-west of Kingstown Hotel, is the focus of attention from Hull City Council, who – claims Councillor Dennis – are “leaning” on the East Riding for the opportunity to develop that land. Hull City Council own the land, but the East Riding Council is responsible for planning policy relating to it. The East Riding Council currently have no intention of giving ground on this issue, but Councillor Dennis warns “We are dealing with a powerful body in the Hull City Council, and they are not likely to give up easily!”

As reported previously on the Blog, Hull City Council have granted sole-negotiating rights on the Aerodrome land to a company Lateral Eco Parks Hull Ltd, who are investigating the building of a biomass power plant, that would supply an ecopark consisting of a fish-farm and agriculture units.


The above three elements, form component parts of the Local Plan which will be formally considered by the East Riding Council Cabinet at the end of November 2013. Independent planning inspectors must look at all local plan documents that local authorities in England prepare as part of an examination process, prior to them being formally adopted.

There is more information on Local Plans at the Planning Inspectorate’s Planning Portal website.


One thought on “Development of land near Hedon – Update: October 2013

  1. Planning on THE HAVEN. The council should not allow this This is a area of wild life and deer. The country side between the village should be left alone for our future young ones to enjoy. If industry wants to move in ,there is plenty of space on the dock lands and other established industrial areas. Hedon road as a lot of TO LET land.

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