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Windmills of St Augustine’s Church

THESE WIND TURBINES provide an interesting backdrop to St Augustine’s Church!?

St Augustine's Windmills

THESE WIND TURBINES provide an interesting backdrop to St Augustine’s Church!? This is an unusual view of the church taken from Paull Nature Reserve; it gives the impression that the turbines are just behind the church, when in reality they are about 6 mile away near Roos *Burton Pidsea (see comments below).

St Augustine’s must be the most photographed feature in Hedon! Have any readers got any other unusual shots of the church they would like to share on the Hedon Blog?

6 thoughts on “Windmills of St Augustine’s Church

  1. Mystery solved! Whilst out and about up near Elstronwick yesterday, it was very apparent that the big wind turbines are in fact the ones near Burton Pidsea.

    So will make the changes above!

    1. Raymond, Just how many glasses of Mulled wine and other types of Sherbert did you partake of at the switching on of Hedon Christmas Lights on Friday evening, you’re still disorientated son, Walking round South-Holderness on the Morning After won’t solve the problem, please abstain for Christmas at least if you continue to think that the Windmills are anywhere else but Withernwick,

      1. Totally tea-total me Jim! Hic! 😉

        And honestly the Burton Pidsea three turbines are the ones closest in the photograph. I’ll try and retrace my steps on Paull Nature reserve and got a proper geo-location reference at the vantage point where I took the photo – then we can check properly on the map.

        Mission set!

  2. Sorry Mr Editor, But I’ve been puzzled by the photo of Hedon Church described as being shown with the Turbines near Roos in the background.
    Unless you have been very naughty and have been playing with your copy of Photoshop again and super imposed the blades of the Turbines, may I suggest that the ones near Roos are miles off line .
    Taking a line from where Mr Herbert Johnson (late of Hedon) used to grow his King Edwards and Majestics, i.e.,(on part of Paull Nature Reserve) and looking at Hedon Church, I believe the next Turbines in line to be those near Withernwick.
    Regards Jim Uney, Hedon,

      1. Yes would concur Jim, considering it’s a square-on South view of the church, then the straight line from the Nature Reserve would cross Withernwick.

        Well spotted!

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