Tanyia Baldock and Suzanne Oldridge
Tanyia and Sue – Survey about the Clutter Busters!

Clutter Busters flyer001HEDON MARKET became the focal point of a survey into a new local business on Wednesday. The Clutter Busters are two local mums, Sue Oldridge and Tanyia Baldock who are setting up a new cleaning business under the auspices of the Government’s New Enterprise Allowance programme.

Clutter Busters will offer a cleaning service to Hedon and the local villages. From providing a housekeeping service through to entire home clearance for households, to providing specific services for local businesses, the two women aim to be able to tackle most jobs.

“As well as housekeeping and cleaning services, we will also offer a specific ‘de-clutter’ service,” said Sue, “it will tackle those areas, perhaps a cluttered room, which are really difficult to clean and clear and usually end up untouched. We will do it carefully and to specification. But we aim to tackle any cleaning job and are ready to take on our first customers.

The new business is being supported by Sirius in Hedon for business advice, but the purpose of the survey in the Market Place was to assess what potential customers would use a cleaning service for, what they would expect from such a service and where they would find out about reputable services. The results will be used to fine-tune their business plans.

The two women are already busy mums – a job in itself – but intend that Clutter Busters will provide a way out of unemployment whilst providing a useful service locally. Self employment is not an easy option, however, Sue and Tanyia are approaching that challenge with enthusiasm and gusto!

The Clutter Busters can be found on Facebook (there are early bird customer discounts available!), so if you want to support this local business, help with their survey, or find out more, then look them up and ‘like’ their page, or contact Sue or Tanyia on 07922 798 197.

Visit: www.facebook.com/clutterbustersservicing

2 thoughts on “The Clutter Busters Cleaning Services

  1. Great news, although a little friendly advice if I may; 1) Have someone proof read your adverts!, you don’t spell competitive with an ‘a’. 2) Where is your address on the flyer?? It is a legal requirement to have your address on all company literature, and 3) Mobile phone numbers scream amateurs. I appreciate you’re not amateurs, just gives a certain impression. There are ways to get ‘local’ numbers direct to your mobile and you can always offer an incentive with a Freephone number! Also not as expensive as you may think!

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