“End of critical period” for Waste Water Works says Yorkshire Water

The Waste Water Treatment Works is now at the end of a critical three month period for the plant says Yorkshire Water…

£3.5m Odour Control Unit £3.5m Odour Control Unit

YORKSHIRE WATER says that the Waste Water Treatment Works is now at the end of a “critical three month period” for the plant, their onsite odour detectors show a steady fall in odour levels.

The company had been keeping local councillors and others regularly informed each week with updates from the plant, but the water company now feels confident enough to discontinue that service.

Matt Thompson from Yorkshire Water writes:

“The biological treatment process continues to recover well and the odour mitigation measures are working as they should be.

Over the last few weeks, our onsite odour monitoring telemetry has shown a steady fall in odour levels around the site.

This, along with the fact that complaints have significantly fallen in recent weeks, indicates odour levels are improving, following some major challenges at the site earlier this summer, including the loss of the smaller odour control unit in June following a fire.

We continue to closely monitor the site’s performance, with our onsite team working hard to manage and reduce any odours from the site, which is one of the largest in Europe, treating up to 40 million gallons of waste water every day.

As we have now come to the end of a critical three month period for the plant, we propose to discontinue sending you weekly updates and instead update you as and when there are any developments that you should be aware of.”

Yorkshire Water have also been providing regular updates on its Hull and Saltend News web page.

Yorkshire Water will be inviting local Councillors to the site in September to receive their feedback on the Company’s efforts to mitigate odours and provide timely information to residents.

If residents want to relay their views to local councillors to pass on to Yorkshire Water, they can be contacted via our Contact Your Councillors page.

Complaints about odours from the Saltend Waste Water Treatment Works to:

Yorkshire Water on their Customer Helpline on 0845 1 24 24 24

East Riding Council on 01482 396301 or e-mail: pollution.control@eastriding.gov.uk

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