It’s FACELIFT time again for the Hedon Blog!

HEDON BLOG tries to give itself a REFRESH each year, and once again we are after your ideas for our facelift…

HEDON BLOG tries to give itself a REFRESH each year. Our previous Masthead Banners are all listed below, and once again we are after your ideas for our facelift!

We also want to refresh our by-line – most readers probably don’t know that we have a by-line as its mostly hidden from view, but since 2010 we have used the sub-title (except for a short period last year):

•••• • –•• ––– –•   in Holderness, East Yorkshire, UK  •••• • –•• ––– –•

Note: The dots and dashes are morse code for “Hedon Blog”.

So we are after an image or collection of images that say to every new reader “This is Hedon” and a by-line that sums up the Hedon Blog. This time we want to use the by-line as a prominent part of the Masthead Banner (see the temporary Masthead below where we incorporated “The Hedon Blog – All about Hedon” phrase).

So it’s over to you! Leave a comment with suggestions – send us your images which you think we might be able to use, to e-mail hedonblog@gmx.com

All ideas and suggestions welcome and we will share them on the Blog with other readers.

For those technically capable and wishing to send us a complete design, then the new Masthead Banner needs to be 580 pixels width, by 150 pixels tall.

Linda Hinchcliffe has designed three of our previous Mastheads.

Hedon Blog masthead banner
2012-13 – By Linda Hinchcliffe
Temporary Masthead 2012
2011-12 – By Linda Hinchcliffe
2010-11 – By Linda Hinchcliffe

Prior to the collection of photo images in 2009 – we simply used the words “Hedon Blog” and before that “Our Hedon Adventure”.

While there are no prizes, your design will be seen by tens-of-thousands during the course of 2013 – 2014 and we will attribute your work in a re-vamped About page, and maybe able to include your digital signature into the design.

Closing date for ideas – Saturday 31st August 2013.

Leave a comment. You need to leave your FULL NAME.