Yorkshire Water: Odour levels may increase over the weekend (27th-28th July 2013)

Pegs out for over the weekend!…

£3.5m Odour Control Unit YW Waste Water Treatment Works
“£3.5m Odour Control – 3.5 million reasons why it shouldn’t smell” – Ray Duffill

YORKSHIRE WATER say for this weekend:

“…we anticipate that the odour levels may increase for a short time over the weekend…”

Complaints about odours from the Saltend Waste Water Treatment Works should be recorded at:

Yorkshire Water on their Customer Helpline on 0845 1 24 24 24 and East Riding Council on 01482 396301.

See below:


We have now achieved full odour control of the site following the fire on the original odour control unit. Both the mobile control units that we brought in after the fire and also the new odour control unit continue to perform well. However, we are aware that odour complaints continue to be reported to us. We are very sorry that this is the case and have continued to fully investigate every report of odour.

During one such recent investigation, we have discovered issues related to our large treatment units at the north end of the site. This has reduced our capacity to treat all incoming flows and is resulting in odours. We have acted quickly to mitigate the effects of this problem and during today (26 July 2013) we are working hard to ensure that things return back to normal as soon as possible. We are hoping to see an improvement by the early part of next week but we anticipate that the odour levels may increase for a short time over the weekend.

We continue to operate masking sprays and still working as hard as we can to reduce the likelihood of odours escaping beyond the boundary of our site.

Paul Carter
Stakeholder Engagement Advisor
Stakeholder and Media Engagement Team
Yorkshire Water

Visit: www.yorkshirewater.com/saltend

3 thoughts on “Yorkshire Water: Odour levels may increase over the weekend (27th-28th July 2013)

  1. apparently there were only 2 complaints to YW and 9 to the eastriding council last month, i mentioned the smell on facebook last night and got 5 people who had noticed it answering my comment within minutes…

  2. This evening the smell is unbearable in Preston! Its actually stomach turning this time.

    Just reported it to Yorkshire Water and encourage as many others as possible to do so this evening – the more pressure we put on them the better. It takes two mins to report and the hotline is 24-hours.

    Also, it’d very dissapointing that ERYC want reports too, but their telephone line is business hours only, which is a bit pointless! Maybe they should be pressured into getting an answerphone service?



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