Hand bells appeal cheque presentation
Keith Everingham – Hedon Hand Bells donation from Mayor and Mayoress

HEDON’S HANDBELLS are a historic set of 37 tuned bells originally craft made in 1847. The handbells are designed to sound a particular note when struck, and a team of skilled ringers can create a wide range of melodies and harmonies.

Keith Everingham of the Hand Bells Appeal fund, explained that some of the bells have cracked and the leather handles have begun to deteriorate. Re-casting and repairing the bells is a skilled and expensive craft, but essential to ensure that the bells are properly tuned. Therefore St Augustine’s Church have organised a fundraising drive to restore the bells.

Hedon Mayor Jim Lindop was delighted to present the Hand Bells Appeal with a cheque for £250 from his funds raised for good causes. He and Mayoress Sue Lindop presented the cheque to Keith last week.

Handbell ringing and performance has taken place in Hedon since the bells were first cast, but Keith suspects it’s a tradition that might end and laments the fact that younger people are not getting involved as handbell team members.

This old photo has recently been presented to the Everinghams and shows a handbell team outside St Augustine’s Church. We are not sure when the photo was taken, and who all the people are – but any information from Hedon Blog readers would be much appreciated.
Handbells ringers St Augustine's Church, Hedon

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