WWTW Perimeter spray

PERIMETER SPRAYS previously installed at the Waste Water Treatment Works, have been activated to help tackle any occasional residual odours detected by drivers passing the Yorkshire Water site at Saltend.  The sprays offer a more pleasant odour experience to passers-by, rather than anything foul.

A bank of the sprays have been switched-on and are in full operation in response to complaints that the site has been smelly again. The majority of the complaints had been received on the Hedon Blog Facebook Page, however Yorkshire Water stated at a meeting yesterday morning that they have not received a single formal complaint since March 2012.

Ward Councillors Ann Suggit, John Dennis and Hedon Blogger Ray Duffill attended the meeting at Saltend yesterday, at the invite of Yorkshire Water, to hear company representatives explain about their investigations into the current complaints.   The two Odour Control Units at the site have been working well, and measures to dilute potential smelly waste when the pea season starts later in the month are in place. The odour loggers at the site had not recorded any increased levels of odour.

However, the Water Company said it takes the complaints really seriously and as the overwhelming majority of those posted on Facebook referred to odours as people passed by the site, they have switched on these additional sprays.

Councillor Dennis explained that he had detected “distinct odours” while driving by the site, and on one occasion had visitors to Hedon in the car who considered the odours unacceptable. Councillor Suggit had rung around contacts in the area to see if they had experienced anything unpleasant and no-one had, which seemed to confirm that there was no major household odour incidents. Ray Duffill explained that he had received an additional complaint from a local publican about an odour incident affecting customers.

The message from the Councillors and Yorkshire Water was for residents to remain vigilant. The Water Company representatives explained that they were still working very hard to address any concerns from the local community.

Odour complaints should be made formally, at either (or both) :

1. The Yorkshire Water Customer Helpline is 0845 1 24 24 24. Their postal address for complaints is:

Yorkshire Water
PO Box 52

Website: Hull and Saltend News

An Email Contact Form Email us is on the left-hand sidebar of the Hull and Saltend News website.

2. East Riding Council has a specific web-page about reporting smells: Environmental Control Section – Air Pollution

Environmental control
Public protection
East Riding of Yorkshire Council
County Hall
HU17 9BA

Tel: 01482 396301

Email: air.quality@eastriding.gov.uk 
Bank of perimeter sprays

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