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The Yorkshire Water STINK is BACK !!

It’s unfair to call it the Hedon pong or the Saltend Smell. It’s a YORKSHIRE WATER STINK – and it’s back!

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It was hoped that smells from Yorkshire Water were a thing of the past

THE SMELL from the Yorkshire Water Treatment Works at Saltend seems to be back!

Residents had hoped that the foul odours, originating from the treatment works, were a thing of the past following the investment of £3.5m into a new odour control unit in 2011. But after receiving an e-mail from Councillor John Dennis alerting us to a “persistent pong” after driving by the site over the last 10 days, the Hedon Blog asked on its Facebook Page if other residents had experienced similar smells. Within 30 minutes nineteen people had confirmed that the smell was back, and had been back for a week or two. The following are a sample of the comments received:

Claire Armitage: “…every time I go past there it stinks and it must be bad cos kids put their hands over their mouth and nose”
Emma McLean: “Yes sure stank yesterday and today, when I’ve called in the past they blame the weather!?!”
Glenn Stallard: “Few times last week disgusting!”
Diana Leeuwerke: “Yes we have when we’ve gone by for the last week, but the smell in town is also very bad today mostly near the central library.”
Sarah Booth: “Just passed it, it stinks”
Dunc Suddaby: “Yes its gone very smelly again .. its come back … awful smell”
Dawn Mark Wilkins: “You can always smell it. I go by it twice a day…”
Karen Holtby: “Yes it was bad yesterday about 1.30 when we passed!”
Rebecca Doy: “It was very stinky at 4.30pm on my way home”

£3.5m Odour Control Unit - construction complete
£3.5m Odour Control Unit

In December 2011, when announcing that the new odour control unit was operational, Yorkshire Water’s Community Engagement Manager, Richard Sears said, “After months of hard work, we’re pleased to say we’re now in a position where we have this huge state-of-the-art unit up and running, just as we had scheduled.

”We know that for some years the local community has put up with intermittent odours from the site and this is clearly unacceptable. And whilst there is always likely to be some odour owing to the operational nature of the site, we’re confident that with this unit, which is the biggest in the region, will help to significantly reduce odours, ensuring they remain within guideline levels.”

The Hedon Blog made the comment at the time: “We hope that the current measures are enough to make problem odours a thing of the past and prevent the situation that happened in summer 2011 from ever happening again. The comments made on our Wall of Shame should serve as a reminder to the water company of the anger that would be unleashed if they get this wrong!”

To report the smells from Yorkshire Water (contact both):

1. The Yorkshire Water Customer Helpline is 0845 1 24 24 24. Their postal address for complaints is:

Yorkshire Water
PO Box 52

Website: Hull and Saltend News

An Email Contact Form Email us is on the left-hand sidebar of the Hull and Saltend News website.

2. East Riding Council has a specific web-page about reporting smells: Environmental Control Section – Air Pollution

Environmental control
Public protection
East Riding of Yorkshire Council
County Hall
HU17 9BA

Tel: 01482 396301

Email: air.quality@eastriding.gov.uk 

5 thoughts on “The Yorkshire Water STINK is BACK !!

  1. Received a letter this week from Jonathan Smith, Environmental Health Officer, at East Riding Council in response to my online report at the complaints outlined in the article. Dated 6th June 2013, it says that those making complaints should be as specific as possible about where and when an odour incident occurred:

    “Thank you for contacting us. I have raised this with Yorkshire Water and will investigate whether or not there are known reasons why an increased level of odour may have arisen recently.

    Having said that, if anybody wishes to make a complaint about this matter it is extremely important that we have accurate information about the exact date, time, location and duration an odour is alleged to have caused them a problem. Without this information it is almost impossible to investigate.

    Once we have precise information about when and where and for how long an odour was detected we can then try to investigate it. Initially we can obtain weather data to corroborate the complaint and investigate any potential reasons on the site. It is clear that Yorkshire Water have made significant investment in the control of odour at the works and we have not received a single complaint since July 2012.

    We shall monitor the situation in the coming weeks but in the meantime should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.”

    Mr Jonathan Smith

  2. I had noticed the terrible smell most mornings this past week and just sped up as I drove past because no matter how much we complain nothing will be done about this issue.

    Worse to come, on Saturday, some friends not from this area came to visit. As they drove past the Saltend sewage plant – they described the stink as so foul and awful that it nearly caused their daughter to vomit in the back of the car!!!!!!

  3. people have probably accepted its a waste of time complaining, we have had this issue going on for so long, is it time to realise that a self governing odour control with no real means of punishing the company is never going to really control the problem, and if you live close by you will just have to accept …they do what they want when they want and our councils seem powerless to act.

  4. I submitted my complaint to ERYC and YW on-line and I have contacted YW admin to ask for their explanation of what’s gone wrong. They have responded and I hope to meet with YW management in next few days.
    If you have concerns, why not add your name to the list.

    John Dennis.
    Cllr. E.R.Y.C.
    Ward Member S. W. Holderness

  5. Yorkshire Water have been in touch and have confirmed they are investigating what issues at the site might have prompted the sudden uptake in comments about odours via the Blog (although the spokesman said they have not received any formal complaints).

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