Sarah-Rommell-Leaflet-front_thumb.jpgSARAH ROMMELL, standing in the Hedon Town Council by-election, has confirmed her status as an Independent in a leaflet issued this week. The leaflet calls for a “Vote for a truly independent councillor” and states that she is an Independent candidate – this is is in stark contrast to her election opponent who has very clearly identified himself with a political party.

Sarah Rommell lists fighting for “better roads, better parking, safer paths and opposing police cuts” as some of her main issues. She calls for the protection of the town’s prestigious heritage, and under the heading of “No incinerator” calls for a “fight against the industrialisation of Hedon’s green areas.” 

The thorough gritting of access roads in adverse weather is something else that the candidate says she would like to address. Also she wants to support residents and their children in Leaf Sail Farm in getting an adequate access route to the school.

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The Independent leaflet distributed in parts of Hedon yesterday:

Sarah Rommell - Leaflet front


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