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Sarah Rommell: Independent issues Election Statement

SARAH ROMMELL has published her Hedon Town Council by-election statement on the Hedon Blog….

SARAH ROMMELL the Independent candidate has published her Hedon Town Council by-election statement on the Hedon Blog.

Sarah Rommell Election Statement in place of photoIn her statement Sarah Rommell says that she is a life-long resident of the town and cares about local issues. Those local issues, she says, which “may seem small to some, are important and even life changing to others.” The statement cites the poor state of the pavements in Hedon, as an example of one of these issues; “on Drapers Lane and Westland’s estate (poor pavements – Ed)  kept elderly and disabled people trapped in their houses due to ice during the recent spells of bad weather.”

The statement lists some of the candidate’s concerns and interests. Sarah Rommell would like to arrange a special needs youth club in the area, and is currently consulting with organizations to set up a Foodbank in Hedon to help people hit by the austerity cuts. She is concerned about cuts to police services and moves to reduce opening hours at police stations.

Some of the community spirit in the town is something that has been lost, she says, and would like to work with the other councillors, churches and organisations to rebuild this.

On development and jobs – an issue which has already been raised in this election: “Hedon is a local town and it should stay that way, not becoming merely a suburb of Hull. Whilst I appreciate the need for new housing in the area it has to be handled carefully as we run the risk of over-developing our town to its detriment and risk breaking our already stretched resources.”

You can read the candidate’s full statement at the link highlighted above.

There are two candidates in the Hedon Town Council by-election, the other candidate is STEVE GALLANT the Labour candidate.

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3 thoughts on “Sarah Rommell: Independent issues Election Statement

  1. Hello Sarah,
    this look very interesting, I look forward to possibly seeing you upon the town council , I wish you all the best.

  2. Oh yes!
    I care about every detail.

    We have many parents in our community who have children with special needs. They face a whole variety of challenges daily. These parents have expressed that they need a place that their children can go and meet other children with similar challenges. The parents/carers of Autistic children and children with other social communication difficulties have especially expressed the need for a special needs youth club.

    We have a wonderful support group for parents of children with social and communication difficulties at South Holderness School and I promised them I would do all I can to bring about a club for their children. This club would be an essential part of their child’s integration into the community and would be socially life changing for them.

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