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Food and drink theme for new shops?

TWO FORMER shops in the town may are planning to open as food/drinks outlets in addition to those that already exist…

TWO FORMER shops in the town are planning to open as food/drinks outlets.

The Laughing Gravy Sandwich Shop is advertising that it is set to open at the premises of the former newsagent on New Road, Hedon.

Laughing Gravy Sandwich Shop

Meanwhile the former Starlight on St Augustine’s Gate is the subject of a planning application to open as a Coffee Shop providing light lunches; sandwiches, soups and cakes. This will be considered at a meeting of Hedon Town Council’s Planning Committee on Thursday 28th March 2013.

Starlight - Former premises

There is some concern in the town that opening more food outlets will displace existing trade to similar businesses, rather than bringing in new custom to the local economy. Of course, it is not certain that such displacement would take place; each business could generate new customers based on their own unique offering. However, it is an issue that merits a wider debate.

What do you think?

  • What kind of shops or businesses does the town need?
  • Should encouragement be given only to those proposed new businesses that meet these local needs i.e. ‘gaps’ in provision?
  • What about competitor businesses?

4 thoughts on “Food and drink theme for new shops?

  1. I think that all new, independent business should be encouraged- chains are overtaking our high streets. The new businesses will generate local jobs and drive more people into the town centre. Hedon is a busy, bustling town- there is more than enough business to go around. Somewhere child friendly with high chairs would be fab!! Be positive people!

  2. I think you will find that the 20 – 40 generation of Hedon are crying out for a decent coffee shop. A place where we can catch up with and have a chat and a coffee with people and not come away smelling of chip fat. It’s time to move this town into the times that it should be in.

  3. Why another cafe in Hedon you won’t be able to sit for long and have a coffee there’s only one hour parking and has for another sandwich shop can’t see the point there’s already plenty of shops you can get something to eat do there think we eat and drink all day in Hedon

  4. Haven’t we got enough cafes and sandwich shops, the truth is only high profit businesses such as fast food operations can afford the rents and rates, this has happened all over, , little shopping areas become predominantly,food outlets and takeaways most of them close during the day making these areas look run down and shut.Other retailers then lose footfall and look for sites with more people. When are the council and landlords gong to realise to attract independent traders they need to reduce business rates and rents. This is all to obvious in the whitefriargate area in town. and in lots of the small shopping areas like at top of preston road,, the quadrant, springbank.

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