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Where were you on Coronation Day 1953?

“Where were you on Coronation Day 1953?” Let us know on the Hedon Blog!…

THE COMMONWEALTH may have celebrated the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee last year in June, but the anniversary of her coronation is this year. The Coronation took place on the 2nd June 1953 over a year after Elizabeth’s accession to the throne on 6th February 1952 upon the death of her father George VI.

Coronation coach YouTube snip

The Coronation of the new monarch was the first ever to be televised meaning that millions saw the event live. This was one of the first times that the mass media had created an event where people would say afterwards “Do you remember where you was?”

And that’s the question we would like to pose to Hedon Blog readers – “Where were you on Coronation Day 1953?”

Did you take part in one of the street parties that were held to celebrate the event? Perhaps you were one of the 3 million people who went to London to see the events live? Maybe you saw it on TV and remember what you were doing at the time?

Whatever, your story – let us know on the Hedon Blog and we’ll aim to publish some of your memories on Sunday 2nd June this year!

E-mail us your stories to hedonblog@gmx.com by 5pm, Wednesday 29th May 2013 at the latest please.

This historical Video report Long to Reign Over Us has been made available by Clarence House on The Royal Channel on YouTube

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  1. Watching my mum ( Clara Revell) receive a coronation free cup and saucer on Newtown Buildings Hedon road hull

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