Hedon Town Hall LogoA DELIGHTED Councillor Jim Lindop has told us the latest news regarding Horsewell Pond.

Councillor Lindop says, that – subject to a positive decision at next Thursday’s Hedon Town Council meeting – permission will be given for work to commence under the supervision of the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust to construct a swale and filter system to take water run-off from Market Hill into the Horsewell Pond.

Horsewell Pond polaroidThis will involve the use of a mechanical digger, the removal of part of the old liner, using pipework and the construction of filters utilising stone of different grades, sand, plastic waterproof sheeting, coir mats, plants, wire, site safety fencing.

The work needs to be completed before any amphibians begin to return to the pond.

The prospects now look very good for the return of Hedon’s own permanent pond! This is of quite historical significance – Hedon’s logo consists of a figure on a sailing ship/boat and harks back to when the town was a significant port; the Horsewell when it is restored will be Hedon’s only remaining permanent water!

3 thoughts on “Good news on Pond!

  1. Hedon Town Council agreed to fund the work to construct the filters. Yorkshire Wildlife Trust will subject to the weather, start work on Monday

  2. Update on the work, it is planned to start early next Monday morning to construct the gravel filter beds with plants, the swale will be completed at a later date to allow the plants to become established, also if the swale was constructed at this time then water could pass through unfiltered. It is planned to finish the work by mid spring.

  3. Good news that something is happening, but after months of delay it better be quick ! ( or wait til after breeding season now ).The frogs and newts will be breeding in a matter of a few weeks. We have a large pond adjacent to the Horsewell Pond and it was teeming with amphibians mating all March last year.

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