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Potholes problem on ‘unadopted’ Middle Lane

SOUTH HOLDERNESS CRICKET CLUB is most well-known for its rich 131 year old history in Hedon – but just lately it’s received more attention because of the 131 potholes on Middle Lane leading to the club!

Following an article in the Hull Mail about the Club’s plea to get something done about the problem potholes on the lane, we went to have a look at the state of the lane – and while 131 potholes might be a bit of an exaggeration, the pictures below and the video footage clearly shows the scale of the problem.

Middle Lane remains in such a state because it is – in council speak – “unadopted”. This means it is considered a private lane and therefore not maintained by the local highway authority (East Riding Council in this case). Where there is no clear owner of such roads/lanes/alleys the legal presumption is that it is owned by those owners of property fronting the unadopted area.

Local highway authorities may choose to adopt roads/lanes/alleys that they are not currently responsible for maintaining, but this is purely a matter for local decision-making and as indicated above, the legal determination of ownership and responsibility can be complex.

The Cricket Club is a great community asset and facility in the town – it would be a disaster if its future success was in any way marred by the state of the access route to its Middle Lane ground.

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