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Hedon Town Council to discuss Market Hill car parking

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Cllr Mike Bryan

The Hedon Blog in assoc with the Holderness GazetteTHE HOLDERNESS GAZETTE reports this week (7th Feb 2013) that Hedon Town Council is to discuss the controversial issue of parking at Market Hill at its meeting next Thursday 14th February 2013.

The issue has reared its head again following a Hedon Group Practice questionnaire was conducted amongst patients on the issue.

Councillor Mike Bryan says in this week’s Gazette: “I’d like to see parking that works in Hedon. The Town Council needs to reconsider alternative parking arrangements in the in the town which it was looking at a couple of years ago.”

Read this week’s Holderness Gazette for the full story (50p from local newsagents). You can also get a summary of the contents of the weekly newspaper by following the Gazette on Twitter at @HoldernessNews.

1 thought on “Hedon Town Council to discuss Market Hill car parking

  1. The item was not discussed at the council meeting on the 14th Feb due to procedural issues. It was raised on the agenda by Cllr Bryan who was advised that he might be seen as having a conflict of interest on the matter as his business is located at Market Hill.

    He took the advice. So a more general item on parking in the town will be discussed at a future Hedon Town Council sub-committee.

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