St Augustine's Gate floodingCOUNCILLOR JOHN DENNIS makes his ‘maiden speech’ at the East Riding Council today and on a subject close to the hearts of many local residents; flooding – or rather flooding insurance. He argues that climate change means that we will see more extreme weather events leading to greater flooding risk, however, the availability of affordable flood insurance is itself at risk!

Councillor Dennis will move the following motion at the East Riding of Yorkshire full-meeting of the Council:

‘That this Council urges the Government to join with the Association of British Insurers and other bodies in meaningful discussion leading to an agreement which enables property owners and residents of homes in flood risk areas, whether or not previously flooded, to obtain flood insurance at realistic premiums’

The motion refers to the ending of an existing arrangement in July 2013 (agreed in 2008) between the Government and the Association of British Insurers (ABI) under which insurers offer cheap cover to flood-prone homes in exchange for a government pledge to build more flood defences. Unless a new agreement is negotiated then a free-for-all market would operate. This would mean that properties at high-risk of flooding might not get insurance unless they paid fantastically high premiums.

The Government and the ABI have been in negotiations but so far have failed to reach an agreement. Any future deal seems to revolve around the Government agreeing to financially back a new flood insurance scheme with an overdraft.

Councillor Dennis is asking the East Riding Council – as one of the Councils most affected by flooding – and our local MPs to call upon the Prime Minister to continue with meaningful discussions with the ABI, hopefully leading to a solution to this problem without further delay.

You can find fuller details of this issue and the text of Councillor Dennis’ speech over on HU12 Online at: Affordable flood insurance at risk – Government urged to act!

There is a convention – at least in Parliamentary terms – that ‘maiden speeches should be relatively uncontroversial. Glad to see that Councillor Dennis is acting unconventionally on this matter! Hope it leads to a resolution by the Council which is sent to the Prime Minister.

2 thoughts on “Councillor speaks out on flood insurance

  1. Just briefly to update bloggers, I gave my speech to the 60 odd members of ERYC, plus public gallery. Quite daunting, but I think I got away with it!
    The motion was seconded, debated, and eventually voted on.
    Carried unanimously. A very satisfactory Outcome. Just hope someone at Whitehall takes notice of it.

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