Rising water in Westlands Drain where it meets New Road – 4:45pm 26th Nov 2012

LOCAL RESIDENTS have been nervously watching the level of water in local drains and waterways.

Last night (26th November 2012) Neil Shillito was checking water levels at Westlands drain at the back of Drapers Lane and Cloeberry Way. He helped warn a local resident about an overflowing drain cover.

Neil explained on the Hedon Blog Facebook Page:

“As I walked up noticed a rushing water noise, looked in garden to the left and there was a popped drain cover with water gushing out into the garden, warned resident contacted council and fire brigade who said there’s nothing to worry about yet, checked Cloeberry and doesnt seem any other problems, walked up to were small drain meets big drain, small drain seems to be over its banks down at the end and is currently running off safely into the back fields, main big drain seems full but has a long way to go before it spills, as I left water coming into garden was slowing.”

Humberside Fire & Rescue Service logged the incident in its official log at 6:55pm on 26th November 2012: “Cloeberry Way, Drapers Lane, Hedon. Localised flooding in rear garden. Advice given to occupier.” No further action was deemed necessary by Fire Service.

Keep up the good work Neil – and the other flood watchers and reporters in the town!

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