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WiFi Pubs – More moves towards Hedon as an online Town!

Remember when a tablet was a pill?

IN FEBRUARY 2009 the Hedon Blog moaned about the pubs in town not having their own websites. But how things have changed!

Our local pubs now have a website, or a Facebook Page/Group, or a presence on Twitter! Some pubs have all three online services!

Things are set to improve even more with the introduction of The Cloud to some local pubs. As more people are getting hold of SMART and internet connected phones and devices, then the demand for internet services for customers has never been greater!

People want to Google, Check-in, and Tweet from the places that they eat and drink – and The Cloud will make that process easier.

To use the new service you have to go into a connected pub and register with the cloud with your contact details. Once registered – which takes a few minutes – you can use the internet on your phone or device quite easily.

We’ve highlighted the local pubs which we know are signed up/or are signing up to WiFi below – and we expect the whole list will eventually be connected pubs!

  • The Queens Head – WiFi pub
  • The Kings Head
  • Shakespeare Inn
  • Haven Arms – WiFi pub
  • The Kingstown Hotel – WiFi pub
  • The Station – WiFi pub
  • Alison Hall

Is this list up to date? Let us know!

Hedon is stepping out of the 20th century and entering the 21st and becoming an Online Town and this is only the beginning of an internet and digital revolution that will see ever more rapid changes in the way we communicate, meet and organise our lives.

Exciting times!

Visit: www.thecloud.net

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