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Poppy Day Wreath stolen from cenotaph

A FURIOUS Councillor Ann Suggit has contacted the Blog after finding out that one of the Remembrance Day wreaths has been removed from the cenotaph in Hedon Cemetery and found in the public toilets on Watmough’s Arcade today.

The Remembrance Day parade was very well-attended this year and residents will be shocked by this disgraceful and disrespectful theft from the cenotaph.

It is not clear when the wreath was removed from the Cemetery in Ivy Lane, but residents who may have witnessed anything that can help find those responsible are asked to contact the police on telephone 101.

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  1. This was reported to Hedon Town Council this morning, I asked the council staff to pass this to our local police officer, which was done and I have reported this matter to the police contact tel number 101 and received the Incident Log number 602 dated 16th Nov, I asked that police officers look at Hedon,s 12 CCTV cameras to see if this individual and any others involved can be identified. I reiterate if anyone knows any information please contact the police on tel 101

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