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Wednesday Writings – Say Goodbye

SAY GOODBYE by Vinny Shepherd

Try to keep your head above the water.
That’s what the shoeshine says.
The leper leads his lambs to the slaughter.
Taste the water, waste the wine.

There’s a part of me that wants to feel the drowning.
A part of me that’s wants to feel alive.
When hell closes its doors because of overcrowding.
Throw the towel in, dry your eyes.

Try and let your soul fly in the morning.
Even though the stars aren’t there.
Watch the ink dry on your written warning.
Lifts are boring, take the stairs.

There’s a part of me that needs to read the headlines.
A part of me that needs to read it all.
But when you laugh so much you never hear the punchline.
In the meantime take the fall.

We’re laughing,and smoking, and joking and talking.
And can’t you hear the devil stalking.
Like the suicide of a brand new bride.
On a blood-red bed, she cannot hide.
Say goodbye to all the things I’ve never seen.

Here’s more ramblings from inside my head!

Cheers,Vinny Shepherd….Hedon

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