GETTING MARRIED in the UK is likely to be one of the biggest tasks that most people ever get involved in organising. And one of the biggest decisions is ‘where’ to get married.

In Hedon you can get married at the local churches or at the Haven Arms which has a licence to host wedding ceremonies, but a new option that might soon be available is Hedon Town Hall.

Hedon Town Hall is steeped in history and is probably more associated with ancient political skullduggery, intrigue and factional discord rather than matrimonial bliss! But all that could change if Hedon councillors decide to let the historic building be used for wedding ceremonies

Hedon Town Hall, built in 1693, is certainly a beautiful building and would be an “historic and special place” to get married in according to Councillors who have already agreed in principle to plan for the eventuality.

It would be just for the Wedding and Civic Partnership ceremonies, councillors have proposed. Wedding receptions wouldn’t be allowed just small tasteful ceremonies conducted by Registrars.

So what do you think?  Would Hedon Town Hall be your choice of elegant wedding venue?

One thought on ““We’re gonna get married….” at the Town Hall?

  1. I actually think it’s a really nice idea. As someone who will not marry in a church but wants to find somewhere local, small and nice to get married, the town hall would be a perfect location. If it were approved and I were getting married, I would most definitely consider this a worthy location.

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