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Great Crested Newt found in town pond

A GREAT CRESTED NEWT has been found in Horsewell Pond.

The Great Crested Newt is a protected animal in UK law and the presence of the amphibian at the Horsewell Pond site could restrict the work that can take place to restore it.

Library picture of a juvenile Great Crested Newt

The newt was found on Sunday 7th October 2012, as volunteers from the BP Rugby Union Club arrived at Horsewell Pond to dig out the nettles and reeds.

The BP RUFC players and supporters, including Jim and Sue Lindop (Hedon’s Mayor and Mayoress), began their work with bags of enthusiasm. They were working under the guidance of a representative from the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust.

Councillor Jim Lindop said: “After a short time a small newt was uncovered which was identified as a Great Crested Newt. These are protected under British and Euro legislation, so the work had to be halted immediately.”

“What next? We need advice from Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and Natural England as to the next step, we hope that the plans to put in a drain near to the junction of Market Hill and Ivy Lane with pipework and an interceptor tank to take water into the pond, can be continued.”

While the Great Crested Newts are protected by the law from being disturbed, some of the mitigation measures quite often taken to protect them (from a building development for example), is by creating or restoring nearby ponds!

It would seem that the restoration of the pond, whilst being an immediate disturbance to any newts, is also the solution to the problem. A restored pond would create a far more hospitable place for any newts to thrive.

“The Great Crested Newt is almost black in colour, with spotted flanks and a striking, orange belly. The skin is warty. The males have a long, wavy crest along the body and on the tail during the breeding season, giving them the appearance of mini dinosaurs.” Yorkshire Wildlife Trust

3 thoughts on “Great Crested Newt found in town pond

  1. was cutting back some of my pond weed and found some newts, with orange spotted bellies also some spawn laid on plants by side of pond, smaller and darker than frogs can anyone advise !

  2. Good news about your newts!
    Nice on toast apparently

  3. Since we moved in we have seen many Great Crested Newts – they thrive here – the Village pond outside our gates and our own pond are obviously ideal habitat .. They are a protected species. And have a heathy appetite for slugs thankfully. Seems the village have found 1.! When Yorkshire Water lifted the lid on our water meter, there were about 5 in there and we’ve seen others in our yard, as big as 5 inches long..

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