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STARS – For National Poetry Day

WE HAVE FOUR POEMS on the theme of STARS sent in to the Hedon Blog as part of our National Poetry Day Challenge. Many thanks to Deborah, Alexander, Janice and Richard:

Stars © by Deborah Stevenson

I was always told you were the
Glitter in the sky. The magic of the night.
And when they glistened, I knew you
Were smiling at me. I now look to the sky,
And I am lost. Lost in a sea of diamonds,
Unable to find you. I search and explore every
Speck of glittery dust in the sky. I see a familiar
Belt which steadies my focus. It’s welcoming and

I see the brightest star in the sky, and now I know.
It’s you.
Stars © by Alexander Julian Crowe

Stars shine down from their own light,
Piercing through dark black of night,
To see vain Narcissus sat,
Gazing still, with pen lied flat,
Ne’er to see past silver waters,
Trapped twixt the river daughters,
Nor seeing any true reflection,
Save except for an inner sun,
Which shines alone to private host,
For the one he loves the most,
Whilst moonshine looketh down anon.
Yet Time, alone, would stand still,
As a boulder top of hill,
For as a single raindrop fell,
(and far quieter than Icarus would tell),
Into the silver mirrored lake,
Shatters the dream, dreamer awakes,
“My life, my love, where art thou?”
… yet no reply from Echo came …
Eternity remains the same,
Yet one more drop then ‘fore the end,
And when t’is gone … t’is gone
Wishing… © by Janice Edmonds

The sky so dark, the moon is bright.
The night so still, the city is quiet, no cars no noise.
The odd little tweets. Oh! what’s that, it’s a million Stars shining down from above, on earth, to guide us on our way.
The north Star the plough, the polar.
What an amazing magical moment when you look up.
Tranquil, I let my eyes close and wished upon a Star.
STARS © by Richard Harries

Can be seen
In all corners of the world
They gleam and glitter and shine
They are fine
Are clean
They are seen
As hope and life and love
Suspended iridescent above
They have been for us the gods
A passed one
And love
They go on for eternity
Always stars there
For us to love
Even though
Its true
That when we see them
They may
Have gone
Into their own eternity
Shooting stars bring hope
Love eternal
Stars never fade
They illuminate
Our lives
Stars don’t fall
You can’t catch one
At all
When man has been
And is a memory
Will be

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