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Wednesday Writings – The Grey Lady of Hedon

The Grey Lady of Hedon by David Thompson

Among the town, there tells a tale
Of a restless spirit,
From another world long gone,
You can judge its` merit,

The chemists` daughter, worked as did
In those days very rare,
But in that chemist shop she worked,
Conventions for to dare.

A feisty lass, betrothed forsooth
To staid upstanding gent,
For marry in the spring they planned,
A calendar event

A man of import in the town,
And councillor no less,
A pillar of society,
And model of success

And potions, lotions she all knew,
All maladies to care,
Many an ailment she resolved.
Then came the Hiring Fair.

An annual event it was,
They came from far and near,
To take the shilling of the king,
Or employment for the year,

And so a soldier called along,
A tonic to procure,
Resplendent in his uniform,
He stole her heart for sure

Against her father`s wishes,
Her intended she renounced
She’d wed her soldier boy instead,
She stubbornly pronounced.

“Oh no my lass that will not do
This nonsense has to stop,
How will I get my planning through,
To so extend my shop”!

Locked in a room she pined away,
Ne`r to see the light of day,
For soldier boy had his way
Of broken heart she passed away

So if perchance to wander,
Round the chemist shop today,
Among the creams and lipsticks,
Baby care and body spray

A feeling of a presence,
Imagination, or just maybe,
With a shiver of cold air
A bonneted grey lady

David told us:

The idea for this poem came from “An A-Z History of Hedon” in which the ghost of the “Grey Lady” is described, with a little embellishment added.

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