New Care Home development proposed for Magdalen Lane

A NEW CARE HOME has been proposed to be built on land to the North Of Magdalen Lane,  Hedon.

Proposed location of Care Home (Google Map)

The planning application is for the construction of two buildings for use as:

  • A 54 bedroom care home with 5 assisted living apartments, and;
  • A 30 bedroom dementia care home with 5 assisted living apartments;
  • The construction of a new access road, laying out of gardens and car parking areas and construction of a bowling green and clubhouse.

It is understood that the facilities being proposed also include a cinema and a gym.

As people get older – and with a population that is living longer than ever before – then many will face having to make choices about their homes and living arrangements; and perhaps make choices for other family members that begin to experience ill-health and need additional help.

One of the choices available will be Care Homes that can offer independent and assisted living options such as this proposal by Brantingham-based Yorkare Homes Ltd.

In 2009 a similar proposal for a Care Home on the east side of Preston Road, Hedon was refused on the grounds of adverse impact on the open gap between Hedon and Preston.

You can find out more about the proposed plans at the East Riding Council’s Public Access planning website at http://www.eastriding.gov.uk/myarea/disclaimer.asp 

You need to agree to the Council’s conditions by ticking the box at the bottom of the page and then to see this application type reference number 12/03553 into the search box.

Hedon Town Council will discuss the Planning Application as a consultee at its meeting tomorrow evening (16th August 2012).

13 thoughts on “New Care Home development proposed for Magdalen Lane

  1. I fully support proposal for care and dementia home development at Magdalen Lane,Hedon. Any plans should be welcomed with open arms by council and planning departments. The project would add much needed facilities to the area, create over a hundred jobs for local residents and would stimulate the local economy. How can people object to development of the this particular greenbelt area when you have the eyesore of the gritting depot just 50 yards to the right. The gritting depot also lies outside the development boundary but seemed to have no problem gaining planning approval . why is it that archealogical interests come to the fore when development issues are raised? If the site was so important why has it not been excavated allready? I also think they should have plans for affordable housing.Our elderley parents need to be comfortable and well cared for. Our children need a future to look forward to where they can hope to gain employment and eventually have their own homes and family.

  2. Dementia care these days is very different to just putting people in to a ‘home’, care is given in their own home in an environment they are familiar with. there are numerous new care homes been built on the outskirts of east hull as well as more then enough in Hedon, if people think that this will create Local jobs I fear they may be mistaken and the majority of this home will be people paying for a place not council payed for. I am grateful that Hedon town council did listen to the people this time and declined it, as with the previous application they steamrolled along until they were made to realise that the public were against it, remember also this area of Hedon is a flood risk as well as been on a busy road and quite far from the main village center. I also wonder at comments made by Councillors who had to abstain from voting with the previous application due to personal interest!

  3. We have received this letter from Mr John Garton the Director of Yorkare Homes Ltd which is being published here to add to the debate:

    “I write as a Director of Yorkare Homes Ltd, the Care Home operator, who has applied to develop the proposed Care Complex on Magdalen Lane to express my great disappointment that Hedon Town Council failed to support our Planning Application.

    It is a simple fact that Holderness has no nursing beds nor specialist dementia beds within its curtilage. Any resident of Hedon or its immediate vicinity are forced to leave their own community if they are to receive this type of care within a Residential setting. The ERYC Social Services support this application as they are clearly aware of the lack of this type of facility in the Hedon area. These Homes cater for a differing care need to that provided by your local Residential Homes and the Over 55’s Lifestyle Complex. Indeed the current Residents of these establishments may well require the services of our Homes in the future.

    This £5million development brings great benefits to the local community. Not least the creation of 100+ jobs with an annual payroll of £1.2 million must have a dramatic effect on the local economy in the long term. These are real jobs for local people who will surely spend their wages locally. This should not be underestimated.

    I understand some Hedon residents have concerns about our development, but I concur with the comments already made by Cllr John Dennis that these can become integral to a planning decision.

    Parking on Magdalen Lane will not occur as we have designed more than sufficient spaces on site. We have 25 years experience in building these types of facilities and are well versed in the requirements of parking/traffic. ERYC will no doubt assure this requirement will be met. Flooding will be mitigated as we are to incorporate a scheme to include underground attenuation tanks which control the discharge of rainfall into the drainage system. In addition the car parks will be laid in materials of a permeable nature which will allow the rain to dissipate into the soil in the normal way. Again this will be considered by the ERYC Planning Dept.

    I also appreciate the fear of using a Greenfield site. We have carried out an extensive research of the Hedon area and there are simply no other suitable sites available in this vicinity. Again this will have to be proved to the ERYC Planning Committee.

    In brief we believe all concerns can be addressed to complete satisfaction and all we ask is to be given a fair hearing.”



    John Garton
    Yorkare Homes Limited

  4. I see this issue got a mention in the Hull Mail today (link added by Editor). They rang me yesterday for a quote, which I gave as an ERYC Ward Member (as opposed to a Hedon Town Councillor) They omitted to print one part of my quote which I think was relevant.
    I told them that I agreed with the concerns of local residents and other Town Councillors about the potential increase in flood risk, and the possible increase in traffic in the area etc, however, in my opinion, all of these matters could be covered by the application of ”robust, enforceable planning conditions”
    In the light of that I support this application.

    John Dennis
    E.R.Y.C. Ward Member for South West Holderness

  5. I for one would welcome this care home, there are such limited places available in the Hedon area and with the much needed jobs this would create for the local community this can only be a good thing.

    My parents are nearing the time when they may require the services of such a care home and to keep them close by would be much more preferable then having to travel into Hull.

    I hope the councilors see sense and reverse this decision.

  6. The plans for nursing home provisions can only be of benefit to the area, in terms of short and long term investment, the jobs that it will create, and most importantly the facilities it can provide to those in need of nursing home services in Hedon and the surrounding area.

  7. Yet again the local council members have decided what they want instead of asking the surrounding public!! I agree with councillor Dennis these people are stuck in a timewarp and need to adjust their focus onto what’s best for the whole community.

    The construction of the Care Home Facility would create investment and employment in the area on both a short and long term basis.

    I wonder how much that would equate to in staff wages alone and how much that would boost the local economy?

    The over 50’s development that has been mentioned in earlier comments may have people residing there who will eventually require full time supervision and care. When they do, where can they go? They would have to be relocated into a facility in Hull.

    I would like to think that if the time comes that my parents require more care than my partner and I can offer or handle, that at least they could be moved into a care home in the local area where we could keep in close contact with them.

  8. Sir

    An interesting discussion point and I am sure the local demographic would ensure this development is well used should it be built. I am
    also interested in the Hedon Plan. If this is to be changed will the public be consulted in this?


  9. In response to Neil Shillito below, we do need a nursing home in Hedon. There are no places for nursing care so people have to move out of the area for the care they need. This happened to my mum, who had to move into Hull, which really upset her as she lived in Hedon all of her life. Over 50’s housing is just more housing, completely different to these nursing and dementia homes which would provide care for the elderly in our community! Not only this but these homes will provide more jobs which would definitely boost the local economy in the long term, not just short term building!

  10. i always express concern regards new developments , due to the article written in the early 70s which clearly states no more building should be done in Hedon until the relevant drainage systems are increased to cope , this has never been done and we just keep building, also i would say there is a large facility for the over 50s ..which is still under construction and not yet full on westlands estate in Hedon, do we really need another …should we not be looking at social housing for young families of which there is a national shortage as well as a local shortage, this would provide us in hedon with something we really need as well as giving the construction industry a welcome boost which in turn will boosts the local economy.

  11. I cannot believe the local councillors have objected to this application, they are supposed to be representing Hedon on the whole, this development would have provided the local area with significant investment and jobs in a time of growing unemployment! I hope other ‘consultees’ are more supportive. My parents would have benefitted greatly if the assisted living was here while they required care, I fully agree with Mike Williams. If the care is required then I cannot see any potential minor negatives being big enough to object.

  12. As an elected member of Hedon Town Council I attended the Special Planning Committee meeting on Thursday last week to discuss this application. There were 4 members of the public in attendance, all close neighbours, who, quite rightly, expressed their concerns regarding the proposal, on the grounds, among others, of increasing the risk of surface water flooding, the chance of sewage surcharge, and the possibility of increased traffic and speeding along Magdalen Lane.

    I expressed my opinion that each of these concerns could have been adequately dealt with by the imposition of robust, enforceable planning conditions and therefore I made a formal proposal that the Town Council should support the application, subject to suitably worded conditions.

    In the present climate I feel the project is much needed in this area, as it would create many jobs and it would provide long term benefits to the local economy.

    I am aware of course that the land is just beyond the town’s eastern boundary, and is just outside the limit of development set out in the long established Hedon Plan. Blog Readers should be aware that the grand plan was established in the last century, and is now overdue for a comprehensive review (it has been discussed recently in Council). Hedon has moved on a long way since that plan was conceived, and we should not be stuck in a timewarp!

    Unfortunately I did not get the support of other members of the Committee, and the proposal was rejected by a majority vote. That was disappointing, but not unexpected

    I am hopeful that the matter will receive support when it goes before the East Riding’s Planning Committee.

    Cllr. John Dennis, E.R.Y.C Ward Member for S.W.Holderness

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