Campaign: Lobby East Riding Council over Yorkshire Water Smells

WEDNESDAY 21st SEPTEMBER 2011 is the next date for the diaries of those campaigning against the Saltend pongs!

At 10am the East Riding Council’s Environment and Regeneration Overview and Scrutiny Sub-Committee meets and will be formally presented with the Petition (signed by 2,405 people) calling for Yorkshire Water to be dealt with as a ‘statutory nuisance’ for  its persistent odour problems that affect local communities.

Letter to OSC - sampleThe 12 councillors that form the Sub-Committee  – which includes our own ward Councillor John Dennis – have all been sent a letter that states:

“Yorkshire Water have invested £3.5m into a new Odour Control Unit which will become operational by December this year, but local residents are completely cynical that the new unit will eliminate the odour problems. Local people have lost trust in Yorkshire Water following, what is seen as, their broken promises to tackle odours made in the past.

“Local people are quite outraged by the long-standing odour problem. They are putting their faith in the Council to tackle the Company immediately should the new Odour Control Unit prove unsatisfactory to the task.”

Local people are asked to gather outside the County Hall, Beverley at 9:30am prior to the meeting. The members of the Sub-Committee (and our local Councillors) have all been invited to meet at the entrance at that time so that residents can explain to them face-to-face about their experiences of the Saltend smells.

In addition to the Petition, the Sub-Committee members have also been sent a summary (PDF) of the 118 individual comments posted on our Wall of Shame to date:

  • 20 people said that the smells made them feel sick or affected their health, breathing or eyes.
  • 13 people described the smells as “DISGUSTING”.
  • 13 people said that the smells had either spoilt their summer, enjoyment of the garden, or ruined their barbecue.
  • 12 people commented with the words “IT STINKS”.

The meeting is open to the public and a campaign spokesperson will address the Sub-Committee for 5 minutes at the start of the meeting after 10am.

“Summer sitting outside ruined by the smells.. Get it sorted!” Sally

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