Councillor and Council Officer research

ARE YOU a Councillor or Council Officer? If you are, and you are reading the Hedon Blog, then we would like your help in some online research being conducted by the LGiU – Local Government Information Unit.

See Residents online: Opportunities for councils? on HU12… 

2 thoughts on “Councillor and Council Officer research

  1. Thanks for letting us know about the survey Ray, and I’ve just filled it in. I hadn’t heard about it from anywhere else.
    As a newcomer to the role of Ward Member, my experience with Hedon Blog and HU12 has been very positive, and I have felt that they often produce items of local concern, which maybe residents would be reluctant to report to the Council, whether directly or through their local councillors. And of course there have been times when residents have failed to gain the attention using the traditional routes and resorted to the blog method in desperation!
    Perhaps you can advise me, ( and excuse my ignorance here) are there any links formal or otherwise, established between the two local blogsites (is that what they are called) and ERYC? If not, and you think it would be valuable to have links, what rules/conditions/limitations would you expect to have imposed, and could you continue working within a framework of tighter regulation?
    I could test the water with ERYC, check out whether they are involved with local blogs elsewhere, and how it works for them as a council.
    Is this the direction you’d like to go?
    John Dennis.

    1. John – Thanks for completing the survey and your comments here.

      There are no formal links with the East Riding Council (ERYC) although the Blog is regularly sent media releases from the Council’s press officers. And the Blog highlights those issues in particular which have much more of a local relevance.

      I think that – like the press – websites like ours could and should play a role in holding local authorities to account and help strengthen local democracy in that way. More than that, they can be a source of news and information around which community action can form and ferment. So this would suggest that we should maintain a certain ‘independence’ from the Council.

      This doesn’t rule out working very closely with the Council – and others (including Yorkshire Water for example) – but on the understanding that Blog readers will not always see eye-to-eye with those in ‘authority’ locally – but can certainly bring issues to their attention! And if these are issues that otherwise perhaps might not have been heard – that’s great!

      Yorkshire Water is a good example: A year ago no formal evidence existed of an odour problem from the Saltend site. But this can not be disputed now!

      The opportunity to explain to the Council what the Blog does – and more importantly what it could do – I would welcome warmly!

      The idea of publishing a set of principals expressing the ethos of how the Blog intends to work is something I have discussed with hyperlocal colleagues. This would certainly be useful if entering into a more formal relationship with the Council.

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