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Blank Bus Timetables – result of cuts

WE REVIEWED the new FixMyTransport service on HU12 yesterday. We tried the new service out by asking when the new bus timetables were going to be placed within the blank holders at the bus stops locally. The reply revealed some surprising information.

EYMS (East Yorkshire Motor Services) Marketing Manager, Claire Robinson, stated in her reply that “East Riding of Yorkshire Council have recently decided to end their production of roadside publicity in the area, which means that EYMS have had to take on publicity for nearly all bus stops in the county.”

The bus company is tackling the problem through employing a new publicity assistant who will be responsible for timetables at bus stops, they are also updating new computer software which will help with the production of publicity.

EYMS have apologised for the blank cases: “We thought it was better to have no information in them rather than incorrect information, so we took the out-of-date timetables out when the services changed… We hope to have the new Hedon information up soon.”

The East Riding Council seems to have avoided making massive cuts in bus service subsidies but the above example does demonstrate that not all services have escaped. On this occasion EYMS have responded by allocating new staff resources and improving their technological capacity.

3 thoughts on “Blank Bus Timetables – result of cuts

  1. It’s out of order Ray, my son was late for work as his bus didn’t arrive, this is what prompted me to contact them in the first place, the person i spoke to asked me what time he had gone for the bus, they said he may have missed it because the bus could have been a little earlier at the bus stop. not good enough really, with a sparse service they really should wait if they arrive early.

  2. I spoke to customer services regarding the lack of timetable in the area and the reply was, “Unfortunately the person who put the timetables in place is no longer with us, the problem we are having is training someone new”, how hard can it be, hop on a bus, hop off, put sheet in place, hop back on bus to next location, hardly rocket science!

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