Ooo! Pancakes Next!!

SKIPPING ON PANCAKE DAY (Shrove Tuesday – this year on March 8th 2011) is a peculiar tradition practised in Scarborough. Everyone is encouraged to assemble on the promenade and massive skipping ropes are stretched across the road and at noon the Mayor rings a special bell and large groups of people join in “mass skipping”.

Apparently, according to British Folk Custom, skipping on Pancake Day originates with local fishermen; they would sort their ropes and nets at this time of year, and give those not fit for fishing to children.

We wonder if any skipping will be going on tomorrow in Paull? The Village Hall will be serving homemade pancakes from 4.30 to 6.00pm and practising other ancient traditions like ‘tossing the pancake’. Find out more at the Paull Village Hall website.

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