ARE YOU A REGULAR TRAVELLER on the buses through to Hull in the morning? Have you sat on buses that are blatantly overcrowded, with standing room only? Have you experienced the routine of trying to read your newspaper, or catch up on lost sleep with 40 winks before you go to work, while dozens of mobile phones and mp3 players conspire to disturb your peace and keep you awake!

Are you one of the lucky ones sat in a seat – hopefully not next to the school student playing Lady Gaga at mega-decibels – or are you one of those who have to stand up all the way to town whilst looking sorrowfully at said student and wishing he’d offer his seat to an oldie like me!

Am I just “getting on a bit” and becoming the grumpy old man I swore I’d never become – or are the early morning buses really, really too overcrowded!?

Hedon Town Council just might find out for us! They recently resolved to send a letter to East Yorkshire Motor Services informing them of the perceived “overcrowding” of the No. 77 morning bus – particularly with students attending a school in Hull.

Ah Ha! Perhaps I’m not a grumpy old blogger after all. Perhaps there is a problem with the early morning buses! Unfortunately, one of the easiest answers is for buses to not pick up additional passengers and become overcrowded… which is fine, unless of course you’re the grump who doesn’t get picked up! On one unfortunate occasion three – three! – buses sailed by, leaving me and fellow stranded passengers fuming! The buses refused to stop because they were overcrowded with lucky folk picked up in Withernsea and the rest of Holderness!

Whilst having a moan on the subject of buses – can we please, please! get an additional bus service back to Hedon from Hull at 10.15pm? There is a bus at 9.15pm – and then the next is the last at 11pm – yes, I’ve missed the 9.15pm on too many occasions to mention – it’s no wonder I’m a grumpy old man!

3 thoughts on “Grumpy old man on “Overcrowded buses!”

  1. EYMS will be at the Hull Bus Surgery, which takes place TOMORROW (Friday 18 February) from 10am-2pm in Queen Victoria Square, Hull. They say in their latest newsletter:

    If you need any advice on times, fares, routes or anything bus related, or if you have a suggestion or comment about our services, just turn up and speak to us. We’re always keen to meet our passengers, so come along and have a chat!

  2. Well old Grumpy has made himself heard. EYMS contacted the Hedon Blog on Twitter after we posted the article there, they said:

    Hi Hedonblog. Thanks for sending through that link. If you could send full details of the complaint, including bus(es) involved and your contact details we will investigate for you. Please send the info to FAO Customer Relations Officer. Thanks.

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