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National Yorkshire Pudding Week

Image: http://www.recipes4us.co.uk

IT’S YORKSHIRE PUDDING WEEK at the Queen’s Head in Hedon. And the pub is offering a free yorkie to all customers all week! Ooo – Is that with gravy I wonder!?

If like me you wonder where the idea for “national” days come from, then in this case the www.recipes4us.co.uk website claims to have invented Yorkshire Pudding Day in 2008. It is supposed to take place on the first Sunday in February. But if a Yorkie is worth eating for a day – it’s worth eating one each day for a week!

Did you know…? batter” or “dripping” pudding, as Yorkshire Pudding was previously named, has been cooked for centuries. It was originally flatter than today’s version, and was cooked in a tin beneath meat which was being roasted on a spit over a fire so it could catch all the drippings from the meat. From Recipes4us.

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