Includes Council Precept : Hot Food Take Away : Public Participation

THE FOLLOWING SUMMARY from Jim Lindop is an overview from Hedon Town Council meetings in January. They are based on discussions from the meetings and should not be taken as any official record. They are provided here for resident’s information and interest:

The Council discussed the precept for the financial year 2011/2012. Note Update: –  The precept for the current financial year (2010/2011 Band ‘D’ rate) is £58.99 and for 2011/2012 is envisaged to be £59.60.

A full planning application was considered for a change of use of the New Dawn Florists, 16 Market Place to a Hot Food Take Away; the application was refused on the issue of parking, traffic generation and servicing, disturbance from smells and noise and the number of food venues that already exist.

The new hearing loop was demonstrated to all present, this may help at next weeks public meeting which is at 7pm Thursday 27th January. This has also been installed for public use on the ground floor Town Hall office.

A structural report on the Town Hall Kitchen was discussed as was an Asbestos survey and a Fire Report.

The Council agreed to replace the (WI) Bench recently damaged at Alison Garth.

The Council thanked a councillor for his efforts in clearing snow just before Christmas.

The provision of providing new equipment such as a small snow plough, storage of road salt/grit, ladders and additional safety equipment was discussed.

As mentioned there is a meeting to which residents of Hedon are invited, this starts at 7pm until 7:30pm on Thursday 27th January in The Town Hall, this is for residents to ask any questions and discuss their concerns about Hedon with their councillors.

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  1. My apologies my information was incorrect, the precept for 2010/11 Band d rate is £58.99 and for 2011/12 £59.60 and not the reduction of approx £40 as stated

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