2 thoughts on “Wind turbine manufacturing plant

  1. I’m disappointed that a Hedon councillor should have reservations regarding traffic when a company is bringing much-needed employment to our area! With that sort of outlook we should try to have the docks and Saltend relocated so we can live in a traffic (and employment) -free area! If the council would let me keep pigs and a horse and cart in my Inmans Estate garden we could really get back to the 19th century! Oh, the dynamism of local government!

  2. Hedon Town Councillor Gordon Thurstan was quoted in the Hull Daily Mail yesterday (20th Jan 2011) regarding this. He said:

    “It is good when an organisation brings economic benefits to an area, but you have to consider the social implications. It is important the environmental impact is looked at very carefully, so too the local infrastructure. Will this lead to an increase in traffic? Overall, I will reserve judgement until I have sufficient information to make an informed decision”

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