THE FORMER GUN BATTERY and Napoleonic Fort at Paull is the venue for a fun Ghost Hunt in February 2011.

Fort Paull would seem a perfect venue for a Ghost Hunt. Having being built in 1542 the site has a rich military history and – according to organisers Phantom Encounters – its fair share of resident spirits. On previous Ghost Hunts at Fort Paull people have apparently experienced various paranormal phenomena, with shadowy figures moving in the underground areas, sudden temperature drops and ‘cold spots’, and doors and museum exhibits moving of their own accord!

For more information visit the Phantom Encounters website. Event at the Fort commences at 9pm on Saturday 26th February and ends at 3am on the Sunday morning. The cost is £35 per person.

Fort Paull is well worth a visit during normal opening hours. Opening for normal business again on 1st March 2011, Fort Paull is now a popular attraction for all the family with the world’s only surviving Blackburn Beverley Aircraft and lots of amenities including tea rooms made up from a train carriage once used by Elvis Presley who travelled on it during his time in the military.

…I wonder if the spirit of Elvis lives on at the Fort? Ooo… I’m all shook up!

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