"People power!" HOTI March 3rd October 2009

ANTI-INCINERATOR CAMPAIGNERS, HOTI (Hull and Holderness Opposing the Incinerator) heard today (Tuesday 18th Jan 2010) that a press release has been issued jointly by the Hull City Council and East Riding of Yorkshire Council that the JWA (Joint Waste Authority) contract with Waste Recycling Group (WRG) will effectively be terminated in 2013 and that the 240,000 tonne Mass Burn Waste Incinerator, proposed for Saltend will not be built under that contract.

WRG currently provide bin collection and household waste recycling services for both councils and their contract will end in 2013 in effect scrapping the company and council plans to build a waste incinerator.

Spokesman for HOTI John Dennis, who is a Hedon Town Councillor and businessman in the town gave his comments which are reproduced in full below:

“Of course HOTI is more than pleased with this news, we are ecstatic !! Our battle with the JWA has been waging for over 5 years, since they announced their decision to construct this massive incinerator on the eastern edge of the city, within sight and smell of Hedon, Preston, Paull and Thorngumbald. Our campaign has had fantastic local support and members of HOTI know they would not have succeeded without the backing of the local ratepayers so we are delighted for the residents too.

We have been a constant thorn in the side of the JWA and WRG as we said we would be right at the outset. Their decision is in no small part due to the efforts of the HOTI campaign group which has placed objections to the proposal at every level from the initial local Planning Committees, right up to HM Treasury and even the European Union.

The original proposal was that the incinerator would be built, commissioned and fully operational by 2010, but so far due to the delays we have caused, not a single brick has been laid. HOTI has known for 2 years or more that the whole project was in dire trouble, but no-one at the JWA would admit it. The issue of their press release is tantamount to admitting it now, and no doubt the champagne corks will be popping in the homes of ratepayers of South West Holderness.

Isn’t this an excellent example of what can be achieved by ‘People Power’?”

This news was also reported by the Hull Daily Mail and by the BBC.

The BBC article suggested that the plans to build an incinerator were only “in doubt” by the ending of the contract with WRG in 2013.  It quoted a joint councils spokesperson who said: “…new arrangements would be put in place for the treatment and disposal of waste when the contract came to an end.”

While we have probably not heard the last of plans for a waste incinerator – this does seem a real cause for local celebration! Congratulations to HOTI and the thousands who have marched and otherwise actively opposed the incinerator!

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