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Hot food take-away proposal sparks controversy

“DO WE REALLY NEED ANOTHER TAKE-AWAY IN HEDON?” This is the question asked by commentators on the Hedon Blog (and Facebook Page) following publication of the planning application from Chi Chow to get permission…

Existing take-away

“DO WE REALLY NEED ANOTHER TAKE-AWAY IN HEDON?” This is the question asked by commentators on the Hedon Blog (and Facebook Page) following publication of the planning application from Chi Chow to get permission to change the use of a former florists in the Market Place to a hot food take-away.

  • “We have 2 Pizza/Burger takeaways, a Fish and Chip Shop, an Indian takeaway and a Chinese takeaway. I think we are well catered for in the hot food department!” argues Sarah.
  • Gary says “We should support the takeaways we already have especially in the current climate when business’s already struggle to stay open.”
  • Mike comments: “I think this would be a big mistake if it gets passed, the shop will be closed all day only opening at 5:00, a prime retail location will be shut all day how sad considering we already have umpteen food outlets in Hedon”
  • “What concerns me is that dark corner, where the shop is situated, and what people a late night takeaway attracts …how many times do we see the windows of the current chinese put through?!!! I wonder how many drunken fights will occure?” fears Carol
  • “Unfortunately Hedon is selling out and killing any ‘unique’ quality it had/has….soon there will nothing left of its past” states Sydell.

The application to obtain planning permission is currently open for public comments. Anyone can object, support or comment on a planning application. Those who are aware of specific local conditions and problems can highlight these before the application is considered.

It is important to note that the council can only take into account matters which are relevant to the planning process. Advice on this is available from Planning Aid (see Planning Pack section 9).

You can register with the East Riding Council and give your views online at their Planning Public Access website note it is planning application reference number 10/05104/PLF.  Or contact:

Planning and development control
East Riding of Yorkshire Council
County Hall
HU17 9BA
Tel: 01482 393792
Fax: 01482 393779
Email: beverley.dc@eastriding.gov.uk

5 thoughts on “Hot food take-away proposal sparks controversy

  1. The Planning Application has been withdrawn. Letter Received today:

    Change of use from A1 (Shop) to A5 (Hot Food Take Away) and installation of extraction flue to rear at New Dawn Florists 16 Market Place Hedon East Riding Of Yorkshire HU12 8JA for Chi Chow

    I write to advise you that the above application received on the 13 December 2010 has been withdrawn.

    If the Council receives a further application within 12 months you will be notified again and given the opportunity to make representations on that proposal.

    Yours faithfully

    Peter Ashcroft
    Head of Planning and Development Management
    East Riding of Yorkshire Council

  2. A mens clothes shop, a shoe shop, a craft shop, the list could go on, plenty of scope for that lovely little place, deffinatly dont need more food. fights break out every week in the center, some i have seen are not minor.

  3. Im amazed at this , another chinese takeaway, ridiculous, im pleased the local council has objected, however it will be ERYC who make the final decision.
    Ive commented on this blog before about the cost of rents and business rates in Hedon, These takeaways are fueling the high rents, making very good profits they can afford to pay the rents and rates were as with lower profit margin goods its virtually impossible, which means eventually all we will have in the center is fast food outlets , hardly conservation Hedon.
    Theres also planning for a restaurant takeaway in the actual cornmill were the cafe is, and im also told there will be another restaurant on Johnsons corner as that site is being developed into another shopping area.
    Takeaways are a nessessity, but i think we have our fair share now.
    Late night takeaways are also known as trouble spots with many people leaving the pub and cramming into small waiting areas trouble is bound to flair, many of the shops in this area have original edwardian bow windows. If these were broken on a regular basis they would have to think about security shutters ect totaly destroying the look of the center of Hedon

  4. Hedon Town Council voted against the proposed planning application on various grounds some of which are parking and servicing issues, traffic generation, noise and disturbance from the scheme and possible smells and the proximity of at least eleven other food outlets within the Hedon Town Centre Conservation Area and other take aways at Salt End and in nearby villages. There is also a plan to open a restuarant within the arcade (formally Green Print) adjacent to this planning application. Readers should be aware that this Take away application now goes forward for consideration by the East Riding CC

  5. Not sure about this! competition is always good, especially for the public, some say we have enough food outlets in Hedon, I agree, but they all seem to be surviving.
    Dark corners! have them put decent illumination and cctv in situ then it will be no different from others, why would we assume there will be indiscriminate fighting, I can actually say I haven’t seen any trouble in any of the food outlets in Hedon, I’m not saying it doesn’t happen but it must be minor if at all. Maybe the Hedon Council could have the existing cctv re-directed to make better, and more sensible use of it.
    What might open in it’s place instead I wonder, Florist, Cafe, Bakery, Hairdressers, Chemist, another Pound shop, Fruit shop, Charity shops, etc etc. We seem to have one if not more of everything, so, what would others suggest or like to see in it’s place.
    N.B, No ulterior motive for me by the way, I Don’t likeChinese food!

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