HEDON MARKET PLACE could be the location for a new hot food take-away subject to the proposal obtaining planning permission…

A planning application has been submitted to the East Riding Council to change the premises currently the New Dawn Florist from a shop unit to a hot food take-away.

The new take-away at 16, Market Place would sit between delicatessen Taste and printers Greenprint. The Council have already previously approved a planning application for a potential change-of-use from retail shop unit to a restaurant at the nearby premises currently previously occupied by Greenprint (see comment below).

The applicants argue that a take away facility within Hedon will mean people will not have to travel considerable distances to other towns and villages to other take away shops.

The planning application is due to be discussed by the Hedon Town Councillors on Thursday 13th January.

Further information about the Planning Application can be found at the East Riding Council Planning Public Access website. You need to agree to the terms and conditions of the website by ticking the box and then search for Planning Application 10/05104/PLF in the search box as indicated below:

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9 thoughts on “New Hot Food take-away in Hedon Market Place?

  1. Really dont think we need another takeaway in Hedon, we already have enough. Why does a small town need so many takeaways, really we should support the takeaways we already have espeacially in the current cliamate when business’s already struggle to stay open. I know people like variety but the people of Hedon already have a great choice, we dont need more.

  2. The previously approved planning application was for a change of use from retail shop to restaurant for the premises previously occupied by Green Print not where Green Print is trading now.

    1. Thank you for putting this on, we had so many customers thinking we where closing down, just wanted to make it known Greenprint is not closing, the old premises which was an italian takeaway after it was Greenprint, shouldnt even be still registered as Greenprint.

    2. Thanks for the clarification Jim. Carol – sorry about the delay in publishing your comment. I have to manually approve new comments and was a bit slow off the mark. Sorry again – and for the confusion caused which came from the documents in the planning application.

  3. Do we really need another takeaway? We have 2 Pizza/Burger takeaways, a Fish and Chip Shop, an Indian takeaway and a Chinese takeaway. I think we are well catered for in the hot food department! And I don’t agree that we have to travel ‘considerable distances’ to other takeaway shops either as the takeaways in neighbouring areas all have a delivery service and I believe you can even place your order online at the Pizza shop in Preston. No wonder obesity is becoming a national problem!

  4. Can i add that the Current Greenprint has NOT had planning for a resturant, it is in fact the old Greenprint and the indoor Market that got the planning. Another cock up made by the Council. Greenprint is staying as your local printer 🙂

  5. really dont think we need another takeaway in Hedon, not that it will be a differant takeaway, it will be a chinese, we already have one, why does a small town need two chinese takeaways, really we should support the chinese we already have in these climates. Businesses already struggle to stay open, due to high rates compared to those in Hull. I know people like variety, but really how is one chinese differant form another, people of Hedon already have a choice, as the chinese at saltend has re opened, so really that would make 3 local chinese takeaways.

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