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Silver lining in the cloud as Halifax closes

THE HALIFAX AGENCY based at John Dennis, Chartered Surveyor and Estate Agent premises in Hedon, closed yesterday. The prospect of closure had prompted anger from local residents and Halifax customers and led to a petition and a campaign in opposition.

John Dennis, has released the following statement about the closure. The statement contains good news about enhanced replacement services being put in place at the 21, St Augustine’s premises:

“I know the closure of the HALIFAX Agency at my office has come as quite a blow to our many customers – and of course to my firm and its staff, however it isn’t all bad news.

After serving the Halifax for 10 years at our office in St. Augustine’s Gate in Hedon, I was informed, in July, by the powers that be within the Lloyds Banking Group that they no longer wish to continue using independent agencies in locations such as this. So we, along with 249 others around the country are having that contract terminated, our agency being ended with effect from 14th October. Bad news, not only for us and our staff, but also those many faithful customers who have relied upon the Halifax for so long.

However I’ve not allowed the grass to grow beneath my feet and have been successful in securing an agency with the Santander Bank, who have been actively seeking out around 100 of the most successful Halifax Agents and recruiting them to their brand. This means that our old customers can continue to come into the office and carry out their banking as they always have, simply by opening an account with our new bank.

The new agency starts on Wednesday afternoon, 20th October, and the even better news is that the Santander bank still offer Passbook Accounts, which are preferred by many of our customers, including me !!

All they have to do is pop in, or call us on 897129, and ask for an appointment so that the options available to them can be explained and if they are happy with what’s on offer they can sign up and continue banking with us as they have for so many years.

Of course, there are also existing Santander customers out there, including those who were with the Abbey, the Bradford and Bingley, and the Alliance and Leicester building societies, all of which were taken over by the bank in recent times. We can offer to those existing customers the benefits of being able to carry out most of the day to day banking transactions that they used to have to travel into Hull for – all on their own doorsteps. We can also discuss, as necessary the various savings and bond products offered by Santander, and arrange for many of the other banking services to be provided.

I know from discussions with dozens of  local people, that many prefer the ‘friendly-face’ approach which only a local firm, such as ours can offer. Many people enjoy the ‘banter’ between themselves and our cashiers, and other regulars, and to some it makes the mundane exercise of drawing their pension, or paying into their accounts something they look forward to.  I’m delighted to be able to tell them that, even though the change has to take place, we’re still here batting away and we will be delighted to welcome them back.”

Unfortunately residents and customers in Withernsea were not so lucky. The Halifax Agency there closed last week without any specific replacement services being realised.

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