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History Pin of Hedon – Exciting Potential!?

HISTORY PIN is a website that aims to show how places have changed through photographs and stories. The following video explains more:
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Have a look at History Pin. Yes – you will probably find it a bit difficult to use at first – it’s a bit clunky and irritatingly there’s a lack of instructions! But persist, and I’m sure that you will agree that the website has great potential!

The website links to Google Street View and lets you superimpose old images of a place with the current images captured by the Google camera cars.

For a place like Hedon, where the history of the place has been captured in thousands of old photos, this opens up lots of possibilities! Imagine being able to chart the look of the Market Place as it has changed since the dawn of photography! Think of being able to re-visit and compare public photos of the Hedon Penny Throwing ceremony from years gone by.

And if local people, the pubs, shops and public authorities all joined in and submitted copies of their old photos – what an amazing historical record of Hedon we would have!

History Pin does have its problems in the humble opinion of the Hedon Blogger – but the potential is there to create an exciting and interactive photographic and story-tellers archive of the town we love!

Have a look at the website yourself www.historypin.com/ – try to find the photos submitted so far from Hedon (only 2 at the moment) – and let us know what you think on the Blog.

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