Can anyone help Trisha by providing information or links to old maps and/or photos?

Hello, I am trying to find where I used to live in Hedon around 1969-70. I lived in brick built white bungalow called Rosedene on Bonds Estate as it was called then.

We had an acre of land at the time and our field finished with the drain at the bottom. We were the last property on a very rough and muddy track near the old railway line. I have been recently but can’t get my bearings.

Do you have any old maps or photos of the area before it was built upon please? I do believe my Dad sold the land for £200!

Many thanks
Trisha Park

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  1. We lived in a wooden house named Killarney about ten to fifteen minutes down the muddy track, I use to play with Malcolm Bucknell down the street who’s farther became mayor of Hedon, regret don’t have any photos of the old shack. Dates 65 to 78.

  2. Does anyone remember James Pounsbury, who died 29 Dec 1961 (we think age about 87) who previously lived at Rosedene, Bonds Estate Hedon. Any stories of him or his family would be greatly appreciated for our family history.

    1. Mr poundsberry was a big part of my life growing up my mum is the person to talk to about him .when I was small we lived with our gran who lived next door but one have fond memories of the poundsberry

  3. hi dad was good friends with tom,your dad,im sure you will remember him,i can vaguely remember you.we lived at the bottom of charles st,near to the drain..yours sincerely,Les Roberts.

    1. Hi,
      Yes we knew your Dad very well, that was Ernie wasn’t it? He was still visiting my parents upto just a few years ago. Both my parents are still alive and in Kesteven Grange care home, my Mother has bad dimentia but my Dad is very with it, he is in a wheel chair now but is always in good spririts. Thanks for getting in touch.

        1. Is that Leslie Roberts? I can’t believe it …. I think I was at school with you in the late 60s. My family moved to Devon then. I came across this website accidentally as I was searching on Hedon.

          Sorry I don’t remember Trisha but I do remember Bonds Estate very well. I lived in Baxtergate.

  4. Hi, I lived on bonds estate when I was a child. (I am 60 now so a long time ago) We had to share toilets with the neighbours which consisted of wooden seats over an open cesspit which the council came and emptied. Those were the days !!!.
    I am visiting the area for the first time in 45years on the 25/26/27 march 2011. My surname then was Bexkens any one out there remember the name?

  5. I think I used to play with you when I lived down Bonds street, were you always singing? I’m sure you lived near Iris Kemp and her Mam. Which wasn’t very far from Mayfeild Villas the little wooden Bungalow where I lived. I was the small girl with short dark hair. My name was Lorraine Tranmer then.
    Lorraine Ellis

  6. Hi
    I would like to see your photos, I wondered if you could e mail them to me at if possible. I moved from Rosedene in the early 70’s but went back to visit in 1975 when the bungalow was a pile of rubble. Did you live nearby at that time, I wonder if you knew my parents, they were Tom and Gertrude Taylor and I have an older brother called Albert.

  7. rosedene was built on and is I think number 33 or 35 bondtsreet. I have photos of some of bonds estate from 30 years ago.. john lee

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