This poem was sent in by Linda Brown who has lived in the area for 34 years. Linda admits she just loves writing and has been creating poetry since she was 13 years old! This particularly moving piece of poetry is true and is dedicated to Linda’s father.


Hands held up against a cold white wall
A contrast between here and what was to be
Slipping mine into yours, closing the coldness of the doors
For just the time we had, here, just for you and just for me.

I wanted eternity…………….
Nothing was around us, no people could we see
Voices in the distance but not falling to our ears
For we were together now, so close, so one
And I lived with you so so many years

I wanted so many more
But you were slipping away, even though I still felt the warmth in my hand
I asked ‘ father what would bring you bliss’
Just before you faded from me, to your eternity
Tighening your fingers around mine you replied
‘Just this’

Thanks Linda – you must keep on writing!

If Linda has inspired you to have a go at writing poetry – then fantastic! Send it into the Hedon Blog.

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