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MP urges people to continue to report “smelly treatment works”

News Release from the Office of Graham Stuart MP:

Pressure on water regulator by MP helps Yorkshire Water to tackle smelly treatment works

Local MP Graham Stuart

Graham Stuart, MP for Beverley and Holderness, has met with the new Chief Executive of Yorkshire Water, Richard Flint to discuss plans for a new odour control unit at the Saltend water treatment works.

Graham said: “While we all agreed there is no silver bullet to solving the problems of bad smells emanating from the works, it is important Yorkshire Water continues to work as hard as possible to minimise the effect on residents.

“The company made a bid to the regulator Ofwat to be allowed to make the capital investment in the works and I supported that bid.

“The latest odour control work is due to start at the plant following a scoping exercise to identify exactly what needs doing and is expected to be completed a few months later – I will, however, be keeping in touch with constituents in the area to see if that has worked and keeping the pressure on Yorkshire Water should it be needed.”

He said: “The new odour control unit is, of course, just part of the solution. Following that there will need to be a constant high quality maintenance and management strategy in place to make sure there are procedures which keep smells to a minimum.”

He added that the number of complaints lodged by members of the public this year was down on the previous year, but reminded people living in the area to make sure they continued to contact either Yorkshire Water or the East Riding of Yorkshire Council if they were affected by bad smells (note: Hedon Blog emphasis).

“I welcome the fact that the number of complaints appears to be down, but it is important Yorkshire Water continue to work with the local community in tackling the problem,” added Graham.

See: Graham Stuart MP Website and End of the Saltend Smellies? on the Hedon Blog.

8 thoughts on “MP urges people to continue to report “smelly treatment works”

  1. Today Wed 29th Sept the smell was similar to acid, as I worked at BP many years ago I think BP or a site at Salt End had a leak sometime today

  2. My fear is that people stop complaining because nothing ever seems to happen – or at least nothing that makes much difference. I hope this second Odour Control Unit will give real improvement but, on past record, it’s hard to be too optimistic.

    I’ve kept up the pressure on the East Riding Council but they say (as per the YP piece) that the smell doesn’t constitute enough of a nuisance to prosecute and/or impose fines. If anyone on here has the time to research what’s gone on in other parts of the country, that might be helpful in challenging the current situation where YW can seemingly stink out the place with impunity. I’m not suggesting that they aren’t trying hard to tackle it but, without major financial penalties, they may not have the full motivation they could have.

    1. i have reported in about 4 times & each time i am told that they havn’t had any more complaints! i find this hard to believe but it may be that people are not bothering any more as nothing comes of it. The last time i rang approx 2 months ago i was told someone had been that morning and the smell was acceptable also that i could not complain unless i could smell it in my home!

  3. Also note the article in the Yorkshire Post which quotes the official report:

    “there is ‘no evidence’ that smells from the plant are reaching Hedon or Preston “to the point that a statutory odour nuisance is being or likely to be caused”

    1. Then I suspect that the person who has been given the task of obtaining this evidence must be working very closely to YW then !

  4. Please note comments on the Hedon Blog Facebook page:

    Glen: Mmmm, It certainly smelt over the last couple of days, yesterday was atrocious, it really is obnoxious and makes one think of just what it would have been like living in medieval britain when sewerage was just thrown into the streets.

    Tracy: and about time too!

    And the comments over at the Hull Daily Mail:

    igiveup2010, thorngumbald: the reason for less complaints this year is because people have giving up complaining because up to now it has done no good at all…

    Bod, Bev: My work takes me over that way every so often and blimey it pongs…

    Paul: I live less than half a mile from this treatment works and the stench is unbearable, especially in hot weather. We’ve been complaining for years to Yorkshire Water who simply get out the book of weak excuses to fob us off.

  5. I suspect that they will find that the number of complaints have gone down due to the fact that the public are sick of reporting it and nothing appearing to get done, not because of anything positive.

    Why after all these years are they still being allowed to run without prosecution !!

    If they were getting heavy fines each time they breach the limit they would have it sorted by now.

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