F.S. Smith in Holderness – Have you got a picture?

THE HEDON MUSEUM Trustees are keen to hear from anyone who owns a picture of a Holderness scene by artist Frederick Schultz Smith (1860 – 1925).

F.S. Smith was famous for his drawings of Hull and its surrounding areas. They were most often done in pen and ink, though some of his scenes were done in pencil or watercolour.

The Museum website reports that F.S. Smith also made a number of excursions into Holderness to sketch scenes in Hedon and surrounding villages.  The Museum is planning a major exhibition next year (2012) of work by the artist.

Do you own – or think you own – an original F.S. Smith work? Then contact the Hedon Museum on Tel No. 01482 890908 or e-mail hedonmuseum@aol.com

Find out more about F.S.Smith via the Hull Museums Collections website.

5 thoughts on “F.S. Smith in Holderness – Have you got a picture?

  1. have picture that says f.f.smith in in pen i beleive in different colors. it came out of an old bible from 1890 or so it is signed f.s.smith 37 the picture fom the bible was placed in the bible not part of it . jim

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