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Lambert House – Hedon History

LAMBERT HOUSE on Sheriff Highway was built sometime between 1830 and 1840, but it was as the home of Colonel William Lambert White (1849 – 1929) in the 1880’s that the house acquired its current name. The Colonel gained his title through service as a soldier in the local citizen army volunteer force. He also served on Hedon Corporation and became Mayor three times.

During Colonel White’s occupancy he built a room almost entirely of church stones complete with gargoyles and other pieces of church masonry. Some of these may have come from stones displaced from St Augustines Church during repairs being carried out there.

The present owners of Lambert House are B.P. Chemicals and they have restored the house to its former glory. It is now used as accommodation for guests visiting its Saltend site.

The following photograph revealing the immaculate interior of the Lambert House ‘church stone’ room has been kindly supplied by freelance photographer Neil Holmes.

6 thoughts on “Lambert House – Hedon History

  1. This was my ancestral home, before my grandfather, Tom, went to the “colonies” in the early part of the 20th century — and before the change in the tax structure. He married Eleanor Watson of Hull on Independence day in the US in 1909 or 1910. I have met my great-uncle Lambert on my grandfather’s side and my second cousin, Rosemary Girling, her husband, David, and children I would like to reconnect with the Girlings. I lost touch during marriage, babies and job changes. If anyone knows them, please ask them to contact me through facebook. I have left out details so I will be able to identify them.
    Pamela Miller

    1. hi Pamela my name is agnes and I work at lambert house as the breakfast cook, around the house are photos of the colonel and his family some parts of the house are still the same as when the colonel was living there, it is a great place to work

      1. Hello Agnes. Thank you for your response. My husband and I will be coming to England this year (2015) and perhaps we will be able to pass by Lambert House. I hope to see my cousin Rosemary again after over forty years.(I was able to find her and correspond: the Internet is a wonderful invention.)

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