“Does somebody have to get killed first before they do something about it!”

This has been the refrain from many people angry at the time it takes to be able to cross the road at the point where Hull Road becomes New Road in Hedon.

Trying to cross this road between the teatime hours of 4pm – 6pm can be extremely difficult. At times the traffic is ‘bonnet to boot’ both ways and it takes a considerate motorist to stop to enable people to cross the road. On some occasions you can be stood for several minutes waiting to cross. And of course the problem is made worse if you are not quick on your feet or able to make that quick dash when opportunity allows!

It is believed that local residents campaigned on this issue a few years ago and even completed a petition asking for a crossing point to be installed.

However, perhaps it is time that residents re-launched this campaign before an accident does occur!?

Below is the crossing area and the cut-through to Draper’s Lane at a less busy time:

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Have you experienced problems crossing at this point or aware of others that have?

3 thoughts on “Does somebody have to get killed crossing the road…?

  1. In reply to Jean’s letter, maybe that the lady has never tried to cross the road, to use the phone box or to catch the last post. at this time the tea time traffic, i understand the need to keep traffic on the move. But surely safety comes a first priority. Janice

  2. I dont agree with this idea. Hedon is a lovely little TOWN, If you strat putting crossings/traffic lights etc etc it becomes like a City! If there was a definate need for one i.e. accident black spot then thats a different matter. Iong this road at least twice a day and I have never seen an accident here. There are pedestrian crossings along New Road why not use them? Itsbad enough with all the bus stops etc people have to travel along new road to get in and out of Hedon!

  3. The drapers lane is totally imposable to cross a rush hour. the elderly and young children are at risk. it needs some speed traffic implementation soon, as traffic has doubled since the extra housing estates in burst wick has been built. j edmonds Johnson court.

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