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Unreported Potholes crisis

DESPITE RECEIVING a £1.1m Government grant to repair pot- holes, the East Riding Council has claimed that far greater resources are needed to ensure that repairs and maintenance take place.

The total cost of mending potholes, broken paving slabs, crumbling surfacing materials, worn-out highways, bridges and footpaths has been estimated to be at least £316.5m with the problem having been aggravated due to the impact of the severe freezing weather in December and January.

However, the problem may be even worse due to the fact that lots of needed repairs remain unreported. The Council carries out structural surveys on a regular basis and defects are recorded to allow repairs to be scheduled. However, problems arising between each survey can only be identified if someone notices them and reports them.

If the Council do not know about a pothole problem then they can’t fill it in! So if you know of a problem – report it!

There are many ways to report problems including using two successful web services: FixMyStreet and FillThatHole.org.UK are easy to use and report problems. They rely on using post-code or mapping programmes to locate your problem. Both services submit reports directly to responsible local councils who have to respond to public reports within a specified amount of time – usually within 10 working days.

You can also report a problem directly to the East Riding Council.

So what is considered to be an “urgent” pothole problem? The Council has this to say on its website:

It is difficult to precisely define criteria. A good guideline is that a pothole will be considered to be dangerous if it is more than 40mm deep on a main road.”

….That’s just over 1.5 inches deep.

Are you aware of any potholes in Hedon and area that need reporting?

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