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Google Street View of Hedon

Google Street View can see your house, your car,… and perhaps can even see you!? [Read more….]

GOOGLE STREET VIEW is the service that brings you 360° degree images of public streets. As from Thursday 11th March 2010 the East Riding has been added to the areas covered by the service.

The resulting images are remarkable and give a close-up view of your house and the activities going on down your street at the moment the Google vans visited.

The images on this page are two shots of Hedon Market Place and the outside of the Queens Pub taken by Google Street View. Click on each image for a larger view.

The service has come under fire because of the potential threats to privacy. Google blurs people’s faces and car number plates. But if people are still concerned about their privacy they can ask Google to remove images.

The tool can obviously have many uses: House hunters can check out a street before deciding to view a property; relatives can check out where you live even if they live miles away; you can check out a destination before you travel there.

To access Google Street View browse to Google Maps and then find your destination by place name and/or post code. Once there click the yellow figure symbol and drag it to the spot on the map where you wish to go.

This is compulsive viewing and will bring out the nosey neighbour in all of us!

See HU12.net for Google Street Views of Paull and Preston.

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  1. Hi Ray, I love google street view, its a really interesting technology, as you know I’m a photographer, so I can’t work out why GSV is accepted, yet togs are having such a hard time, both amateur and pro’s going about their legal business and yet still been stopped and questioned under Section 44 of the Terrorism Act! Strange World

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