PAUL SMITH IS THE DESIGNER of which is the website all about Beverley.

The Hedon Blogger met Paul last year and I can vouch that he is Mr Beverley! He is passionate about the town and seems to be everywhere covering everything; events, sports and news about the place. HU17 is the website to go to find out almost anything about Beverley.

Paul enjoys what he does – he introduces himself wearing his trademark HU17 T-shirt to local shopkeepers, publicans, and organisers of community events and finds out what they are doing. He then reports that on the website usually accompanied by fantastic photographs of the shop, business or event.

His coverage of local sports particularly football is outstanding. He reports the matches via his photographs and gives local teams valuable publicity and promotion that they rarely get from elsewhere!

I suspect there are various clones of Paul Smith running around – that surely must be the only way he can cover all the material that he does!

The story that Paul is really many clones of himself is of course outrageous – but not as outrageous as the attempt today by the Hull Daily Mail to smear the HU17 website by associating it with hardcore porn sites.

The Hull Mail reports about Paul’s alleged website porn business – a story that he anticipated and answered on HU17: The Truth Behind the Shocking Headlines.

It does seem extreme that the Hull Daily Mail employed an undercover reporter in an attempt to ‘trap’ the Beverley website designer – usually a tactic adopted to ensnare criminals. And the Hedon Blog can’t help but ponder the fact that is the best source for local news in Beverley and in that sense a competitor to the Hull Mail…..

The issue of getting involved in the legal porn industry (producing web code) to make a living can only be judged on a personal level. However, this Blogger judges Paul Smith on the excellent work he has done in creating and the community he has built around it on Facebook.

I like Paul – whichever clone I’m talking to – and admire the work he does. The efforts of the Hull Daily Mail in undermining his efforts, however, do leave a bitter taste!

If the Hedon Blog achieves the support and status of HU17….. then what nasty stuff might the Mail dig up about the Hedon Blogger!?

4 thoughts on “ is all about Beverley…. something the Hull Daily Mail is not!

  1. Probably driven more traffic to his site. Not a pleasant smear, but maybe a sign he’s doing something right if traditional dinosaur media feels threatened.

    As “mark” said, good to see indies supporting each other. Nice one.


  2. Well done in your support for Paul Smith.
    Its great to see small independent media sources standing up for one and other.

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