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Humberside Police Authority budget for 2010-11

HUMBERSIDE POLICE AUTHORITY has agreed its budget for policing the area in 2010-11 and increased the police part of the East Riding council tax to just 2.5%. This means that an average household (Band D) will pay £166.47 a year for policing, an increase of £4.06, which is less than 8 pence a week.

In setting the budget the Authority intends to build upon previous achievements and maintain or improve visible neighbourhood policing whilst making necessary efficiency savings.

The Council Tax Bands (for policing) for 2010-11 are as follows:

Band £
A 110.98
B 129.48
C 147.97
D 166.47
E 203.46
F 240.46
G 277.45
H 332.94

Chair of the Authority, Alene Branton MBE, explained:

We have already asked the Chief Constable to deliver some significant savings over the next five years while maintaining frontline policing services, which is what really matters to local people. Protecting previous years’ investment was a driving factor in our considerations, but we also wanted to keep any increases to the taxpayer as low as we could. We feel that we have found the right balance. The Chief Constable’s work in response to the Authority’s direction has helped us to set a budget that will preserve local policing services and help to keep people safe from harm by disrupting serious and organized crime.”

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